eBay Accountants

The internet is rapidly changing the way people sell things. Previously if something needed to be sold, finding the relevant buyer was a cumbersome process. A number of prospects had to be investigated until the right buyer, and the right price was found. However, the practice of selling has become a lot easier with websites such as eBay where things can be sold with the click of a button.

However, despite the widespread use of eBay, many people are still not aware of how to use the website efficiently for selling purposes and lack the knowledge that enables them to use this website properly. This is because the Internet, even though striving for user-friendliness, has still got a long way to go. In its quest to make things accessible for everyone, it also needs to make it more user-friendly.

Businesses on the other hand are increasingly using the Internet and especially websites such as eBay for their transactions. Thus their accounting function needs to be streamlined with this, allowing them to grow seamlessly. However, many accountants seem to shy away from eBay businesses and thus fail to provide them full service. The reason is the same that they do not know how eBay and related services such as PayPal work. However, if you own a business that is linked with eBay, then look no further as we can solve your eBay related accounting needs.

We used to sell the Excel templates we developed through eBay and this has given us practical know-how of how to deal with the website and we are ready to help out any business that is linked to eBay. Moreover, we have continued to build on our knowledge through servicing various eBay businesses. Our fees for eBay businesses start from 300 pounds annually for annual accounts and annual tax returns.

We also offer advice related to the legal status of the eBay business such as sole trader, partnership, etc.

So if you are an eBay business looking for an experienced accounting firm that understands your business and can streamline your accounts then just give us a call!

You can get in touch with us for a quote, to ask a question or tell us about your project via phone or email. You can always pop in for a cup of tea and a quick chat to find out more about how we can help you.